Our Community

We take pride in building sustainable relationships in the local community.

We enjoy being part of the local network in South Kensington and Brompton, taking an active membership within borough-wide council meetings, residents associations, retail partnerships and the Exhibition Road Cultural Group.

Street Sweeper

Working in collaboration with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea since 2017, SKE have introduced additional cleansing to the streets of South Kensington and Brompton. The friendly sweeper, Jun can be seen in and around the estate adorned with SKE’s logos on his barrow and hat!

Homeless donations

TAP London took a window from South Kensington Estates on Brompton Road for December 2018. Using contactless technology and a minimum £3 donation, TAP raised funds across multiple venues for 22 London Homeless Charities.

Water Fountain

South Kensington Estates have purchased a striking water fountain to be placed on Thurloe Street during July 2019. Designed by Michael Anastassiades and commissioned by The London Fountain Co, the fountain will provide a water source to drink from as well as re-fill water bottles.

RB&H Arts

South Kensington Estates supports rb&h Arts, an important local charity, through fundraising and volunteering at events. The rb&h Arts programme is designed to improve the hospital experience, by enhancing the well-being of patients, visitors, staff, and the local communities within each hospital.

Goldfinger factory

Based within the borough of RBKC, The Goldfinger Factory offers a programme called “Earn Will You Learn” giving apprentices the opportunity to be sponsored whilst completing their course at the teaching academy. SKE sponsored an apprentice for three years and supported the Factory’s aim of delivering new talent into the world of furniture design.

West London Action for Children

West London Action for Children offers a range of counseling and therapy services for children and families in need who are based in the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea.