Client Management

Our service is tailored to each client; from agreeing the levels of engagement and reporting through to fully understanding their aspirations for their assets and striving to achieve these.

Setting Objectives

  • We spend time with our clients to understand what they want to achieve from their assets
  • We identify the stakeholders who are connected to our clients’ portfolios
  • We help to set short and long term objectives that align with our clients’ aspirations


  • We set strategies to achieve our clients’ vision and objectives
  • We prepare a long term plan that sets out activities, projects and funding to support those strategies
  • We document annual plans and budgets to ensure progress against the objectives


  • We prepare annual and interim reports to record progress against objectives
  • We publish KPIs to measure short term performance
  • We attend meetings to update and inform our clients


  • We have a dedicated account manager for each client
  • We can provide facilities for client administration and meetings
  • The service we provide to each client is unique to that client
Other Services